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Our ethically-manufactured plastic mats are made from recycled polypropylene. Some of the plastic products recycled and reused in our mats include: plastic bags, plastic straws, drink bottles, medicine bottles, shopping bags and a range of other things that would usually be thrown into landfill. These plastics are melted down and then cooled into small pellet shapes.

The pellets of recycled plastic are then mixed with coloured dye to create our custom colours which become the base colours for our designs.

These coloured pellets are then melted down again into liquid form. The coloured mixture is forced through a pipe which comes out in the form of long straw tubes that then get used to weave the mat. These straws are woven around a spool which goes on the loom.

The skilled artisans that work the industrial loom then begin to add the correct colour combinations into the loom to begin the weaving process.

Each mat is then trimmed and the panels are stitched together. They are then meticulously hand finished to the highest quality and a quality control is carried out on each mat, folded, tied and packaged ready to send.