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SUNNUP mats are designed to transcend trends and are made with permanence in mind.

Woven from 100 % recycled PP (polypropylene) plastic, each premium SUNNUP woven outdoor mat uses approximately 100 recycled PP bottles and a variety of other recycled items that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Our mats are durable, UV treated, water resistant, easy to clean and store.

By using recycled materials, we’re helping to reduce the demand for the creation of new materials and for every SUNNUP purchase, we plant a tree through the Ecologi initiative.

SUNNUP is a conscious business and we’re committed to producing small quantities to meet the market demand without overproducing.

Care for our planet and our people, good design and good quality are three key concepts at the heart of SUNNUP and our hope is that your SUNNUP woven mat helps you to slow down, and to feel more invigorated and connected, to yourself, to others and the world around us.